Semi Final v Norths Recap
Date of Event : Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:43PM

The culmination of 8 months of hard work, sweat, frustration, pain and joy is upon us as we have reached the finals for the first time in a while.The sullen rain clouds, heavily pregnant with the promise of more of the summer rain that has dogged the season, lumbered across the Brisbane sky all week. The fulfillment of that promise forced the Toombul boys indoors for their preparation.

So to the BIG DAY. 
Skipper Ronan McDonald called incorrectly and was asked to field first. A sparse spattering of red shirts in the outer saw the new ball flailed around the ground as the bowlers failed to come to grips with the softish wicket and were generally a tad short in length. It fell to Presto to winkle out the first wicket of Healey with the score at 63 as Norths were rollicking along. That was to be the only joy for the Bully Boys as Dawson (he of the dropped catch at The Yard) and McSweeney batted through the middle session to be 1/188 at tea. Early wickets were the requirement after tea - and that was delivered as Cranno snared one down the leg side with Romak taking a good catch at leg slip. Presto then picked up another to a good catch to Brian Sanders at short leg and the door was opened. Unfortunately all that did was let in the rain as the clouds released their load and little further play was possible. Norths ended the day at 3/224 with Presto taking 2/47 and Shoey being miserly with 0/29 from 14 overs.

Sunday dawned under leaden skies with the threat of more of that for which farmers in the Sahara have been praying. An early start gave the lads the chance to rip through Norths’ line-up and chase down a target. A tiny portion of the overnight rain managed to find its way through the covers to form a couple of minute damp spots but these were deemed insufficient to hold up play. Understandably, the Norths’ batsmen appeared happy to occupy the crease and showed little intent to push the scoring along. Shoey enticed an early edge which was gleefully accepted by Webby. Taking the new ball did little to accelerate the run rate – but then again it didn’t create a lot of wickets either with the only other morning success being when the Rowley brothers combined to effect the 5th dismissal – caught at slip by Tom from Sam’s bowling.
The return for the morning session was 2/31 in 110 minutes when a fat banker (heavy dew) arrived and the umpires considered that a deluge was imminent. Subsequently, they took the players from the field 45 minutes before the scheduled lunch break. The deluge failed to arrive and as the umpires had called an early lunch, we were faced with a frustrating wait for the restart. It did however give us a chance to work on our suntans as the weather was the best of the day.
At 5/255 with 72 overs left in the day, we were still in with a chance but the innings needed to be wrapped up quickly. Zac Honeybrook enticed a strange looking waft from Wright as he flailed ineffectively at a high bouncer only to edge it through to the keeper.. Unfortunately that was to be our final success for the season and Prestwidge and Gannon dropped anchor and stoically defended for the rest of the day for the score to finish on 6/404. 
Presto’s marathon 39/18/2/71 saw him as the only multiple wicket taker as the game fizzled into a season ending draw for the Toombul boys.


Chic Leeder

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